Taco Chicken & A Great Run

First things first: taco chicken.

I first made this for my big’s baby shower this summer and it’s been on our weekly dinner rotation since. It’s so easy- put your desired amount of chicken in the crock pot, add taco seasoning and water, and cook on low for 8 hours.

I usually use a pound of boneless/skinless chicken breast and taco seasoning we got in bulk from Sam’s Club, but you can use any brand or make your own. I add around 3/4 cup of water and that seems to be just enough.

When you get home from work or school, simply shred the chicken with a fork or tongs and use it however you want- we love it in tacos, burritos, and I love making taco salad.

A pound of chicken lasts us at least two meals, so it’s a great money-saving meal that’s easy and so, so delicious.

As you may know, I try not to eat very much meat. I’ve been eating chicken a few times a week lately because I’m craving it for some reason… Anyway, this is a really great way to eat it once and awhile 🙂

I paired my tacos with some fresh veggies for a little nutrition.

Cooking in the Crock Pot never, ever gets old. It’s so nice and comforting to come home to a hot, home-cooked meal at the end of a long day. Even though I was home all afternoon 😉

I got home from work around 12 and all I could think of was cereal for lunch. Strange, I know.

I had a mix of Quaker and Kashi cereals, topped with a banana and peanut butter. This definitely satisfied my cereal craving 🙂

After lunch I went for a run then did a yoga DVD. I actually had a fantastic run and my time was faster than I had even hoped. I’m kind of glad I ended up taking yesterday off!

Yoga felt amazing after running. I need to commit to more yoga during marathon training- I think it will definitely help.

Well, I’m off to bed. Have a great night 🙂



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