Five-A-Day February

Last night, I promised you a challenge. I was tired of being tired and feeling sluggish because of my recent diet. I wanted more structure to my eating plan and something (somewhat) fun to focus on this month.

So, I created Five-A-Day February. A “challenge” to eat five servings of fruits & vegetables, drink at least 8 glasses of water, and get in some sort of workout, every day in the month of February.

It’s not for weight loss. There is no real prize at the end. It’s simply a way to be accountable for what we consume and how we treat our bodies. It’s so easy to reach for comforting, fatty foods in the winter and disregard healthy foods. I am guilty of it every winter and I want to break the cycle this month. My theory is that I will feel more energized and less depressed, even though we are in the depths of winter.Β 

Will you join me on my challenge? I’ll be tracking my progress daily on a chart I made. I’ll show the chart tomorrow (technical difficulties) but it’s simply a weekly chart where I will track my fruits & veggies, water, and workouts. I’ll be sticking to my marathon training plan but you can do whatever you want.

You don’t have to do a tough workout every day. Just get in some form of movement, even if it means walking around the mall or Target. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Fill up on healthy fruits and vegetables instead of cupcakes and candy.

If you miss a day, who cares. Just move on and focus on things the next day. There is nothing riding on this except feeling healthy and vibrant. You are only accountable to yourself. However, if you want to join in, please let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

I’ve already met my goals today and made an easy and healthy dinner full of vegetables πŸ™‚


II cooked one slice of bacon in a large pan on the stove. When it was crispy, I took it out and sauteed 3three peeled and chopped carrots, fresh broccoli, and frozen sweet corn until the carrots were a littler soft (I like them still kind of crunchy). I chopped up the bacon and added it back to the pan. I topped my pile-o-veggies with an over-easy egg.

I think the bacon really made this very simple meal taste extra good. However, you could obviously leave it out if bacon isn’t your thing. I bought a pound of it to make omelettes for Andy and now I’m trying to use it up, and I’m glad I thought to add it to this meal! (P.S. Runny egg yolk on vegetables = beyond delicious)


I feel SO much better after eating this than I did after my giant burger last night. Eating well is so important for health and energy. I can’t wait to devote an entire month to really focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great night everyone and please let me know if you plan on joining in!

Happy Five-A-Day February πŸ™‚



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