Five-A-Day Recap

Hola friends! Hope you’re having a great Saturday- is it snowing where you are?

It’s basically blizzarding here, which is how I know my birthday is Monday 🙂

We seem to always get a snow storm right around my birthday, it’s weird- like the weather knows I would love a snow day 😉

So anyway, I owe you a recap of Week 1 of Five-A-Day February







Wednesday 2/1; 2/8 Thursday 2/2 Friday


Saturday 2/4
Fruits & Vegetables (5 servings) No X No X; 4 servings X X 4 servings
Water (8 glasses) X X No; headache all night X;X X X X
Workout  (according to plan) No workout No workout 45 minutes power yoga Walked; ran 4 miles Ran 3 miles walked Ran 5 miles

As you can see, I didn’t meet my goals entirely but overall, I think I did pretty well.

A few notes from the week:

  • I had a terrible headache all day on the day I didn’t drink enough water. Then, I did hot yoga (lots of sweating) and my headache got even worse. I think, for me, that drinking plenty of water definitely helps keep headaches away
  • Having fresh fruit & chopped up vegetables ready to grab every morning definitely makes making healthier choices easier
  • Cuties (clementines) > Oranges in terms of on-the-go snacking. I bought another 5 pound box yesterday at the grocery
  • I need to focus on getting more movement in every day. I’m hoping to get a good yoga session in tomorrow

Like I said, I have some room for improvement, but I’m happy overall. The challenge has definitely made me more mindful of choosing fruits & vegetables over chips & cookies during the day, which was the entire goal.

How about you- have you been joining in? Have you noticed any difference in how you feel?

P.S. If the chart reads weird, it’s because I made it wrong- the weeks go Wednesday-Wednesday, not Sunday to Sunday. My bad 🙂

In other news, I had a successful 9 mile run today. Like I said, it’s pretty much a blizzard outside so I had to take it indoors today. 3 miles on the indoor track, 6 on the treadmill, with some hills mixed in.

I felt good and ended up having a great run. Definitely good considering 9 miles inside can be seriously miserable.

Tip: Bringing a pack of fruitsnacks to eat during your run (mile 6) makes it alllll worthwhile 🙂

Now we’re about to meet up with some friends for a little birthday celebrating. Have a great night everyone! See you tomorrow with some cute Valentine’s recipe ideas!

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