Two Ingredient Pancakes

If you read any other “healthy living” blogs, you may have already seen this recipe. It’s been making its rounds through the blog world over the past few months. The reason? It’s delicious, easy, and super healthy. Definitely a winner.

These little pancake gems are made with, you guessed it, only two ingredients: bananas and eggs. You simply mash up a ripe banana and mix it with an egg. I find they hold up better with two eggs, or one egg and two egg whites. If you want a lower-calorie pancake, just use one egg.


I also like to add a splash of pure vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon to mine. If you’re feeling really crazy, you can toss in a handful of blueberries before flipping. The sky’s the limit.

Two Ingredient Pancakes

+ 1 small, ripe banana

+ 1-2 eggs (or 1 egg & 1-2 whites)

+ cinnamon & vanilla (optional)


Mash banana with fork (or blender) until very smooth, almost liquidy. Add desired amount of eggs and cinnamon/vanilla if using. Mix well with fork. Spray a non-stick skillet with cooking spray. Pour pancake batter into pan and cook slowly over low-medium heat, flipping once when pancake is set. Add extra ingredients, such as blueberries, just prior to flipping. Cook approximately 5-8 minutes.


Note: The key to getting a pancake-like consistency instead of a pile of scrambled eggs is to cook the mixture over low heat for several minutes. You will be tempted to crank up the heat and flip it too soon. Trust me, that will lead to disaster. And a burnt breakfast. Cook it low and slow for about 5 minutes, then flip it only if it’s set up. If not, wait a little longer.

Once your pancake is finished cooking, you can top it with whatever your little heart desires. I like to top mine with either peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter. Other options are maple syrup, fresh fruit, etc.


Depending on the number of eggs you use and your toppings, these pancakes come in around 300 calories. Perfect for a satisfying breakfast that will power you through the day.


Someone else in this house is also verrrry interested in these pancakes…



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