Lasagna Delivery

I don’t really remember how this happened, but a few weeks ago Andy told his work friends that I would bring them all dinner sometime. Fast forward to this morning when I asked when he would be home for dinner. He said he’d probably be home a little later than normal, but if I wanted to, I could bring dinner to work. I was planning to make a lasagna for dinner tonight anyway, so it was the perfect night to make enough for a group.

I made a big pan of lasagna, a loaf of cheesy garlic bread (covered in foil below), and a batch of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. A carb-heavy feast, for sure, but definitely a good combination.


I packed everything up and drove it over to Andy’s office. It wasn’t my best lasagna, but I think it went over pretty well.

I really enjoy cooking for people so I definitely always jump at the opportunity. It’s such an easy way to help brighten someone’s day, plus it helps me relax.

In other news, I ran 4 miles before school/work this morning and totally scared a few elementary school kids to death when I said “Hello!” as I ran by. I guess they take that whole ‘not talking to strangers’ thing pretty seriously? Haha.

I finished my run with a pretty purple smoothie (the “afternoon snack” smoothie I posted yesterday) and headed off to school.


And with that, I’m ready to crash into bed. After I do my homework, of course. Have a great night!

Did you make anything delicious today?

What’s your best recipe to feed a crowd?

Any tips on how to transport hot food??


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