Easy Dinner and Thursday Runday

If you want motivation to exercise, find a workout buddy. Nothing forces you to go to the gym like knowing someone else will be there waiting for you.

Every Thursday I have a workout date with my friend Katie. We meet at the gym after work, catch up on our weeks, plan our weekends, and get in a good workout. Since Thursdays are running days for me, I make her run. She accepts this from me, and I am grateful.

I ran 3 miles today, following my new favorite format:

  • 1 mile easy warm up
  • 1 mile alternating 1 minute hard and 1 minute easy
  • 1/2 mile increasing hills to incline level 5
  • 1/2 mile increasing speed, ending in a .10 mile sprint
  • cool down

This workout makes the miles fly by, and I find that I burn upwards of 350 calories in under 30 minutes (per my heart rate monitor). Fast and effective. Perfect for a Thursday night.

I came home to dinner mostly ready, thanks to my love, the crock pot.

This morning I browned a pound of beef stew meat (that just sounds gross) and threw it in the crock pot with a little water and a spicy Asian marinade & sauce.

When I got home, I drained the meat and sauteed it with a ton of chopped asparagus and a little extra sauce. I planned to serve it with brown rice but Andy came home with a pizza for himself, so I had the whole meal to myself. I ate it without rice and just ate slightly more than I would have had I made rice. Made the whole thing much easier. Plus, with the calories I saved on rice, I had a small glass of wine. Winning.


If you are busy and don’t have time to cook every night, make friends with your crock pot. It’s key to eating home-cooked meals on a time crunch.

What’s your favorite healthy crock pot recipe?

What was your workout today?

Who’s excited for Friday?!


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