The Yoga Place

Last night I decided to try a new-to-me yoga studio in North Canton. As you may know, I fell in love with hot power yoga at Yoga Bliss in Akron.

We moved from Akron to North Canton this past summer, and now it is almost impossible to make it to classes at Yoga Bliss. Occasionally, I plan ahead and attend a class after school or work. But, because it’s almost 40 minutes from home and classes are an hour and fifteen minutes, this turns into quite the time commitment. Most of the time, I just can’t swing it. Plus, it’s kind of expensive. The drop-in student price is $14/class and the regular drop-in price is $16. They have great packages you can purchase, but the prices are still somewhat high.

Is it worth it? I think so. The studio is always immaculate (even the bathrooms), the staff is friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is always welcoming (and HOT). I absolutely love it.

But, like I said, it’s just too far away for a regular practice.

So, I finally caved last night when my body was needing a yoga practice. I looked up the schedule and decided to take the 7:15 class at The Yoga Place.

When I first arrived I was a little stunned. The entire studio was just one, open room. It was warm, but not hot. Everyone was standing around chatting and no one was really helping me pay. One man quickly told me to take my shoes off before stepping on the wooden floor. Turns out, he was the owner.

Eventually, I was able to pay. The drop-in rate was $10/class, which isn’t terrible.

I set up my mat, grabbed a block, and had a seat. The shoe guy (the owner) came over and introduced himself. He chatted with several people in the class and asked what music we wanted. The general consensus? Rock n Roll.

Finally, class began. The owner was the instructor for the night, which was cool. Class was good, but a little disjointed. His playlist kept shuffling instead of following the intended order, so sometimes we were flowing through really slow songs and it seemed like he didn’t know what to do next.

There were probably 10 people in the class, and the instructor knew everyone’s name. He encouraged everyone and gave me A LOT of individual attention. I think he thought I was new to yoga, although I was just new to the studio. Whatever the reason- I loved it. I haven’t practiced in over a month and really needed the help. It elevates the experience so much when someone takes the time to make sure you are in the poses as deeply as possible. By the end of the class, he asked if I was runner. I guess my lack of flexibility and overly tight legs made it that obvious.

We ended class with a lengthy savasana, which was much appreciated after the long day.


Overall, I would definitely recommend The Yoga Place, and I will be back. It’s a casual, relaxed studio with people who know what they are doing but are unassuming. I love how welcoming it everyone was and can’t wait to try out additional classes/instructors.


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