Beauty by Ben: Is a Clarisonic Worth the Price?

Sorry for the delay of this weeks’ Beauty by Ben post- things were a little relaxed with Spring Break this past week!


During the winter we all noticed the enemy of the even makeup coverage…. dry skin. Whether it’s in patches or all over, we all have faced it, especially in winter. Unfortunately, unless you exfoliate properly, all of those moisturizers you apply hoping to be rid of your dry skin, simply will not penetrate. This also goes for any anti-aging or acne products; with all those layers of skin that need to be exfoliated, medications do not work to their fullest potential.

Quite a few years ago, the inventors of the Sonicare toothbrush, invented a handheld cleansing brush that would clean your skin as well as the Sonicare cleans your teeth. This brush is praised by many, but at the same time many people say that it’s not all its hyped up to be. Clarisonic is a machine that has bristles that rotate 300 times per minute to lift away any makeup debris, dry skin, oil, or any nasty impurities that your face combats during the day. It exfoliates brilliantly and even if you have acne or discoloration, it just makes your skin look better because it’s free of excess dry skin. The skin looks luminous.

The Clarisonic comes in 3 different types: The Plus, The Aria, and The Mia. I have The Plus.



1.)    With frequent use of the Clarisonic, your acne and anti-aging products will absorb better for the full effect. I know my acne products absorb better with the use of my Clarisonic.

2.)    The Brush head moves so quickly, all of your exfoliation is done in about a minute.

3.)    You can use it with your current favorite cleanser so you don’t need to worry about running out to buy a special and expensive new cleanser. It can even be used with water before you cleanse the face manually, and it can be used on your body as well.

4.)    It comes with adjustable speeds. The Clarisonic Plus comes with 3 and the Mia comes with 2, which means you can get the perfect clean you want each time.

5.)    It reduces the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

6.)    It improves effectiveness of certain cleansers, meaning that if you use a scrub or a exfoliating cleanser on the Clarisonic, it will give a deeper clean than just the cleanser alone.


1.)    It’s very expensive. The Plus Costs $225, the new Aria is about $200 and the Mia is about $120. Although it is a good investment, if you don’t have the means it’s simply illogical to buy it.

2.)    It doesn’t help extreme acne. In fact it could hurt it instead of help it. It could aggravate the acne and it could spread bacteria.

3.)    It definitely has not helped my blackheads. Although that is a main claim, it didn’t help mine much.

4.)    It can be very drying if it isn’t used with moisturizing cleansers and moisturizers. It also could make the skin a little sensitive, especially if used with products containing acids, so remember your sunscreen.

Alternatives– Because the Clarisonic is on the pricier side, I thought I would give you some less expensive alternatives that also do a great job.

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

This Brush is about $40 and is different from the Clarisonic because the head rotates and spins, while the Clarisonic’s bristles rotate. Some say the rotating head is more damaging because it tugs on the skin. However, I have seen how it works and I think it is a fabulous alternative. Also, if you are the type of person who wants your products to match your device, Olay products are super affordable and also proven to be very effective.

The Nutrasonic

The Nutrasonic is probably the best alternative for the Clarisonic because it works exactly the same way. I have had a Nutrasonic in the past and I was impressed with how similar they are. They do have a different feel in your hand and they honestly look cheaper than the Clarisonic, but the bristles move the same way. The only thing I don’t like about the Nutrasonic as opposed to the Clarisonic is that I don’t think it has the same longevity, and it doesn’t feel like it’s built to go through all of the things I put my Clarisonic through. But for the price, I would definitely say give the Nutrasonic a shot.

I hope these tips helped- let me know if you have any questions!



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