Leftover Makeover

Yesterday my MIL sent us home with a huge ziploc bag of leftover Easter ham. We finally made it home in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day walking around town, running errands. By the time we got home a few hours later, I was freezing cold and starving! I immediately decided soup was on the menu for dinner.

I chopped a large carrot and potato, sauteed them in a stock pot with some vegetable broth until they were soft, then added chopped ham, black beans, and corn. I seasoned everything with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, onion powder, and crushed red pepper (I can’t cook anything without it).

Everything simmered on the stove for around 20 minutes while I made a batch of mashed potatoes for Andy (he doesn’t like soup). I served my soup over a small serving of mashed potatoes, because how can you make something so delicious and not eat it?

The entire meal took less than an hour and the results were so comforting and flavorful. Plus, I made good use of (some) of our leftover ham.



I took the leftover soup for lunch today and it was even better than it was last night. I love making homemade soup because it’s so easy and always turns out great.

Now, we’re posted up on the couch watching the Indians’ Opening Day game- Go Tribe! I actually had a really speedy run tonight because I wanted to get done before the game started. Whatever works, right?

Have a great night!

What’s your favorite way to use holiday leftovers?

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