Easy & Healthy Afternoon Snack or Appetizer

Happy Saturday! I hope it’s warm & sunny where you are. We are enjoying lots of sunshine and some warmish temperatures, finally!

As soon as it starts to warm up, I find myself craving lighter foods for snacks. I whipped up my favorite snack this afternoon, and thought I should share it.

It’s so easy, literally takes minutes to make, and you might already have the ingredients on hand. If you’re having friends over tonight, this would be the perfect healthy appetizer to throw together. It’s great because it has the flavor of guac without all the pesky chopping of ingredients and onion breath.

Best to use carrots instead of chips- save those calories for an adult beverage or two. It is Saturday night, afterall 😉


Simply combine a ripe avocado, the juice of half a lime, sea salt, pepper, and a dash of garlic power. Smash everything together and serve with fresh carrot sticks. Oh- it’s worth it to peel and chop the carrots yourself. First, the flavor is better and second, it’s SO much cheaper to buy whole organic carrots than it is the weird little baby ones (which are often washed in chemicals)!



Hope you enjoy this healthy little snack. Have a great evening, friends!


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