That Time I Passed the Bar

When I first started writing Legal Eats, I was a first year law student. I was figuring out how to balance a very busy school schedule with eating healthy and working out. Well, fast-forward three years and I’m happy to finally share with the blog that I graduated from law school, passed the bar, and got sworn in as an attorney in Ohio!


In some regards, I have come a long way since I started writing this little blog. I mean, that’s obvious right? I was a terrified law student and now I’m a lawyer (still terrified sometimes though). In other ways, things are still very much the same. I’m still trying to balance health and fitness with a busy schedule. Now though, I have to balance the things that keep me healthy with uhhhh, a job, that helps pay for the things that keep Andy and I alive. Oh, cruel grownup world.

Long gone are the days of staying up all night doing homework and going to the gym in the middle of the afternoon. Now, my workouts happen before work in the morning and everything has to be planned in advance to make it happen. Some weeks, things go perfectly and we both eat healthy lunches and have a home cooked meal every day. Other weeks, not so much. I’m sure everyone can relate. So, while I may be a lawyer now, the life-work-health balance is tougher than ever to manage. Hopefully you enjoy reading about it?

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pictures from the day I was sworn in. It was such an amazing day and I loved seeing all of my classmates walk across that stage and finish the journey we started together. Law school was difficult but it was also one of my favorite times in life. I met so many wonderful, intelligent, funny people and for that I am so grateful. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish during our careers.


The swearing in for the July Bar Exam was in Columbus this past November. My dad, brother, best friend Lynanne, mother in law, father in law, and sister in law were able to be there for the ceremony. My mom wasn’t feeling up to the drive so she stayed in PA. She was able to watch online via a livestream on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website and actually had a better view than the rest of the family in the audience. Isn’t technology crazy?




We had a great time celebrating and I am very excited to be able to share the next chapter of my life on the blog. Thanks for reading!



So, Legal Eats is back. Again. While I’ve learned my lesson on making grand promises to blog every day, I still can’t stay away from blogging for good. I just have too much I want to say (and no one in my real life who wants to listen to it ūüôā ). So, I’m back to writing. I don’t know how frequent it will be, but I’m shooting for a few posts a week, exploring different topics pertinent to my life, and just having fun. Thanks for being part of the journey.

For the first post back, I want to talk about juicing. No, not the steroids kind. The super trendy, highly¬†self-important, vegetable kind.¬† While it is trendy and kind of snooty, it’s also amazing and really, really good for you.

This past summer, Andy and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s about a guy who is overweight and has a chronic skin disease. He decides to go on a 60 day juice cleanse to re-set his body and get his health under control. His journey is astonishing. He loses a ton of weight, gets healthy,¬†and helps several people along the way. He also makes you want to run out and buy a juicer. Immediately.

So, in true Abby and Andy fashion, we bought a juicer the next day. When it comes to buying a juicer, the options are endless. I could write an entire post on them, but I didn’t, so you can read up on the internets. Anyway, we had a gift card to Macy’s so we went there and bought the one we thought looked the nicest and fit into the budget. Very scientific, indeed.

We ended up with a Bella NutriPro cold press juicer, which we like very much.


Cold press juicers are supposed to help the juice retain more nutrients because they do not heat the fruits and vegetables while extracting the juice. Sounds good to me. It’s also pretty easy to clean and very effective at getting as much juice as possible out of the produce. This is important because fresh juice is basically gold.

I’m no expert on the juicer thing, and I’m sure you could¬†argue about different models forever¬†if you really wanted to and you had no life. But, I like this juicer and despite the fact that I use it a ton, I haven’t had any issues. Win, win. The real purpose of this post is to get you juicing.

We’ve had the juicer since June and have been using it pretty consistently. I¬†was definitely skeptical, but I see a major difference between how I feel when drinking juice daily as compared to not. I have more energy overall, I don’t feel sluggish mid-morning, both Andy and I have shed a few pounds, and my skin looks much better when juicing regularly (this is huge because I’ve struggled with this since middle school).

Usually, I’ll make us each a large juice to have for breakfast and that’s all we’ll have. On mornings when I workout, I may have something else on the side, like an egg & tortilla. I find that the juice is actually very filling and tides me over until I eat an early lunch (i.e. I don’t get hangry even though all I had¬†was juice). This had led to a little weight loss, which was very welcome for both Andy and I.

So, the pros are: increased energy, better skin, sneaking veggies into your diet, getting a million nutrients (so scientific). But, let’s also talk about the downside. I read a ton of blogs and no one ever talks about that.

Hello??? It is insanely expensive and takes forever. I think the people who swear by juicing must be independently wealthy, because let me tell you, it is not cheap. The downside to getting all those nutrients is buying the stuff with the nutrients. Our grocery bill can easily increase by about $15-20/week when we juice every day. That adds up. I also try to buy everything organic because I think drinking pesticides puts them directly into your blood stream and equals immediate death…

Anyway… it’s expensive but I think it is worth it. I promise. Even juicing a few days per week can help you so much, and will keep costs down.

The other issue is the time. It seriously can take to make enough juice for two people. The model we have is easy to clean, but it still takes awhile to¬†juice everything. I started making two days’ worth at one time. Yes, you’re supposed to do it right before you drink it for the maximum amount of nutrients. These same people with all the time are the ones who have endless money to spend on produce. Most people do not have time for that every morning! So, juice every two days and make enough to last. Easy peasy, and I’m pretty sure the juice is still good for you, even if you lose some nutrients.

Some of our favorite mixtures are:

  • apples, cucumbers, carrots, oranges, spinach
  • apple, carrot, ginger
  • grapefruit, spinach, carrots, ginger
  • celery, apple, carrot, cucumber, tomato
  • kale, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger


^^this made enough for 4 servings

You can pretty much throw whatever you want in, add a lemon and some fresh ginger, and it tastes great. While it is expensive and time-consuming, I really think it’s worth it. I feel so good knowing that I am drinking something healthy to start my day, and it truly does great things for your body.


^^today’s mixture (& tomorrow’s too!)

So, what do you think? Is juicing worth it? Something you’d like to do more of? Or do you just want to eat your fruits and vegetables whole?

P.S. Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s so good!