About Abby

Hello! Welcome to Legal Eats- the product of a law student/food blog lover gone crazy (I mean, who doesn’t want to read what a bunch of strangers have for breakfast every day??). I’m a 26 year old law student with a passion for food, fitness and the environment. I married the love of my life on June 9, 2012 and every day is an adventure as we navigate grown-up life with jobs, school, and an adorable toy poodle, Hank.

Going through law school was a struggle. It was time-consuming, mentally and physically exhausting, draining, expensive… the list goes on. It can take over your life- if you let it. But I didn’t want that to happen. So, I spent the past 3 years striving to find balance. Now, as I finish my legal education (graduating in May 2013) I feel confident that I fit in everything I could to the best of my abilities.

I continually work hard to try create a balance between school, fitness, food, and most importantly, life outside of Akron Law. Join me on my journey as I try to 1. Prepare and eat healthy, delicious foods that are friendly to your waistline & the environment 2. Stay in shape on a busy schedule 3. Add some humor and enjoyment to the everyday grind.

Thanks for reading (and eventually making me rich through immense corporate sponsorship), and I hope you enjoy Legal Eats!



One thought on “About Abby

  1. Awesome website!! It gives me great ideas on things to try and it just so happens that I went meatless Monday today as well!! Tomato and basil pasta for dinner without any meat! Yummy 🙂

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