Five-A-Day February Recap Week 2

Happy Friday! Man, have I been busy the past few days. Anyone else super excited for the weekend?

We have a fun wedding tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. Also on the agenda, a 10 mile run. It’s going to be a busy day!

I have some good food pictures from the past few days but I wanted to share a quick Five-A-Day February recap this afternoon.

Week Two

  • Thursday 2/9
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & Veg- yes
  • Workout- no, too sore from Tues & Wed
  • Friday 2/10
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & Veg- yes
  • Workout- rest day, walked ~ 1 mile
  • Saturday 2/11
  • Water- yes X’s 1 million
  • Fruit & Veg- no, lots (and lots) of carbs
  • Workout- yes, ran 9 miles
  • Sunday 2/12
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & Veg- no, mostly ate pizza!
  • Workout- no, rest day, very sore
  • Monday 2/13
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & Veg- yes, lots!
  • Workout- Zumba
  • Tuesday 2/14
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & veg- yes
  • Workout- no, felt super lazy
  • Wednesday 2/15
  • Water- yes
  • Fruit & Veg- yes, lots!
  • Workout- ran 5.2 miles outside, tough run!

Thoughts from the week:

  1. Okay, I feel like a major failure. I didn’t come close to meeting my fruit & vegetable intake goal on most days. I really want to make sure I get the recommended amount each day (or more!) so I need to focus on it this upcoming week! I also need to remember not to beat myself up for not reaching my goals- just move on and do better the next day.
  2. Asparagus is getting really good this time of year, as is citrus.
  3. I’m really proud of myself for eating loads of healthy stuff on my birthday (along with tons of cake & icecream) Good job me 😉
  4. I feel like I’m starting to get sick. Time to load up on the OJ.

Overall, I was less successful than Week 1 but I did a great job getting enough water and doing almost all the workouts I needed to. This next week (started on Wednesday 2/15) is already looking good.

If you’ve been following along in the challenge, how is your progress coming along? Noticing any benefits of lots of water and healthy food?

Have a great rest of the afternoon everyone, hopefully I’ll be back later tonight! 🙂


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